Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Does anyone have an idea of how loyal or not to the government the Iranian Army might be?

My friend Roger asks does anyone have an idea of how loyal or not to the government the Iranian Army might be? Is there a way to assess whether the army would join the students? This is my answer & review of some historical facts surrounding the 1979 revolution in Iran. you can find the tread of this long discussions under a video by Mr. Sazegara

There is tremendous dissatisfaction among lower ranking IRG,& the national military except top echelon command. IRI can always find a psychotic person or two to fire into the crowd, but they can be quickly eliminated. If you remember from my prior postings, films & pictures; it is the Arab terrorists who are undergoing terrorist training in Iran are doing the killings. The Iranian police only use batons tear gas & standard anti-riot tactics, but at times they have been badly punished by the people. Sometime ago an announcement came out from the Iranian police officers threatening to send Arab terrorists home in body bags if they continue murdering Iranians, similar announcements have come from various forces of the Iranian national military that they will get involved on behalf of the people. Among lower ranking IRG officers, especially the intelligence division, there has been much defection to the west, debriefing western Intel operatives & interviewing Iranian satellite TV & Radio stations, I guess they are in the best knowledge position to know when to jump the ship & save their skin. Basijies are either uneducated religious zealots or the ordinary criminals who have been recruited & paid to commit violence against people in return for immunity from prosecution, money & turning a blind eye to their regular criminal activities!

When it comes to the moment of the truth no organized military in the history of the world has destroyed its own people, sporadic incidences may be, but no massacre! One needs to remember if they shoot into the crowd, chances are they will be killing their own family members or relatives. It did not happen in 1979, it will not happen now. There was one serious incidence on September 1978 that in Jaleh square through a conspiracy by the Queen’s cousin who headed NIRTV (a reformed Marxist!), declaration of martial law was delayed from the night before until 7AM by Radio & TV. By 7 AM people had already gathered in Jaleh square and with repeated warnings would not disperse. All of a sudden from among the demonstrators soldiers were shot at. The conscript soldiers who were mostly uneducated villagers returned fire. Another group of imposter traitors who were wearing the military uniforms from the other site of the square opened fire with automatic weapons, a 3rd group of imposter snipers started to shoot people from the roof tops, later on medical examination by the coroner confirmed the testimony of witnesses by the line of fire trajectory. There were more than 30 people dead & many wounded. By the time the field commanders figured it out, it was too late & the damage was done! The end result of this incident plus burning of the Cinema Rex put the revolution on steroids & rocket fuel.

Cinema Rex, The Auschwitz of Abadan Friday, August 26, 2005

On August 19,1978, in the southern city of Abadan, on the order of Ali Khamenei (Iran’s supreme leader) Cinema Rex was set ablaze by Islamic extremist in order to incite riots by blaming it on the Shah of Iran. This was the most horrific incident of the 1978/79 revolution in Iran, in which according to the official figures 377 people were burnt alive, Unofficially the figures ran as high as six to seven hundred people. The culprits who were Islamic revolutionaries chained and locked the exist doors to prevent the victims escape and hampered the firemen and the police’s efforts to rescue the victims. After 27 years from this catastrophe, the western media still have not uncovered the story. In the pre-revolutionary days, When the western media was busy portraying Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini as an innocent holy man in exile, his extremist followers were fueling the revolution by burning cinemas, cabarets and robbing banks to fund their activities and terrorizing women by spraying acid on their faces. Shortly after the Islamist’s victory, during the early months of the new Islamic government in Iran, a few innocent individuals were tried and executed for this crime. Among them were the owner of the movie theater, its manager and even the police man who was patrolling the vicinity. After the revolution in 1979, it was discovered that the crime was committed by the revolutionaries to fuel the publics’ anger. Hossein Boroujerdi, one of the three people who delivered the chemical fuel to the city identifies Ali Khamenei (Iran’s supreme leader) as the person who provided them with the chemicals. This information is documented in Boroujerdi’s book by the title of “Behind The Islamic Revolution’s curtains, Confessions OF Hossein Boroujerdi” ISBN 3-93524966-7. I urge all the human rights organizations, political leaders of the free world as well as the free western journalist to investigate and report this horrific crime. In the name of justice, humanity and social responsibility, we owe this to the victims and their families. It is time to tell the story. Ramin Etebar, MD An Iranian-American Physician, Political and Human Rights Activist. After the Jalleh Square except for senior field commanders no soldiers were allowed to have any round, they either carried blank bullets or none at all with their G-3 automatic assault rifles, but NCOs were allowed a side arm with live ammunition. This reminds me a funny story; a friend of mine who was serving his mandatory 2 year military service told me that once he was sent as guard to transport ammunitions from one military base to another in a convoy of trucks. He was carrying a machine gun with no bullets, his truck was the last one in the convoy, he notices a mullah is closely following him in a car & asking him to join them with his weapon, as the mullah was getting on his last nerve, he assumed a firing position & cocked the empty gun causing the mullah to make an immediate U-turn. The Shah was too smart, he knew that violence create a vicious cycle, he even made a TV appearance, apologized & said I too heard the voice of your revolution and as your king I can not disapprove of it. He begged the people to stop the country from going into chaos and anarchy. He promised to totally reform the country. But the people under the satanic spell of Khomeini had gone psychotic! The only gun battle that took place was in the two last days of Shah’s rein where a group of Technical Air force cadets opened the armory to people where in actuality the Imperial Guard Royal to the king was fighting these cadets with two groups of terrorists who were released from prison the MEK( Islamist-Marxists )& Cherik Haay e Fadayee Khalgh (Marxist-Leninists) . You can see the films here in my facebook , it was people killing people and except in a few cases police or military vs., the people to stop destruction of private property or defending their posts or bases in 1979. Today the scenario is completely different, but I think at the end of the day the military will stand with the people, not only out of Sympathy, but the fear of the consequences they witnessed in 1979! Compasre the pictures & see for yourself .