Wednesday, October 12, 2005


(The torch is being passed from one generation to another for over a Century)

On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Constitutional Revolution of Iran (August5, 1906); Iran remains the world’s number one despotic regime
in the world which is second to none for its track record of human rights violations, dictatorship and state sponsorship of terrorism.
Thanks to inept western strategists, Iraq has been presented to Iran on a silver platter! With growing Iran’s influence in Iraq, use of the petroleum, nuclear
and terrorism weapons, Iran is well on its way to become the evil empire!

With removal of Saddam Hussein, the regional balance of power eliminated. The Americans and the British have been unable to keep Iran in check due
to Iran’s meddling in Iraq and thus creating a quagmire for the westerners. Iran’s support for the Iraqi turmoil is actually being given to their co-religionists the Shiites. The leading Shiite party in Iraq the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution (SCIR) is led by by people who spent the Hussein years in Iran while their private army the Badr brigade is funded by Iran. Of course Iran could and probably is playing both sides of the street by giving aid to the insurgency as a means of pressuring the USA to leave. The US in fact is powerless to do anything about Iran's meddling in Iraq or its nuclear ambitions. One of the unintended consequences of the Iraq war, combined with the spike in oil prices, has been to make Iran the pre-eminent power in the Middle East and one that is untouchable by the US or its client state Israel because of the potential impact on oil supplies. Neither would US or world opinion tolerates another US inspired pre-emptive war in the Middle East. The Bush administration's actions in Iraq have, to use the technical term, left us screwed. Their general dumbness in the Middle East and in the wider effort to contain terrorism is breathtaking; every action they take seems to be aimed at increasing the effectiveness of our opponents.

With ever increasing west’s dependence on the Middle Eastern oil, geopolitically speaking the Persian Gulf must become a safe zone to insure free passage of oil
through the Straits of Hormuz . Geographically it dominates the northern shores of the Persian Gulf, with command of the Strait of Hormuz, the most important chokepoint in the globe. It is within easy striking distance of about 50 percent of the world's oilfields: those in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, Bahrain, and the UAE. It also is a bridge between two very important energy zones of Central Asia and the Persian Gulf.
The West has vital interests in the Middle East. The Middle East is the center of gravity of international politics. Iran is the center of gravity of the Middle East. None of the current problems in the Middle East and the Islamic World can be resolved unless there is change in Iran. Iran is run by a very nasty regime of fundamentalist but corrupt religious zealots that threat the security of the region as well as the rest of the world. It is imperative that the Iranian problem
be solved by the Iranian hand and the international community to help them to get rid of this geopolitical tumor.

In order to topple the IRI regime, Iranians need to revert to Mashroteh (constitutional) movement platform, an ideal that was never realized and our great ancestors dreamed, planned and wished for our beloved Iran. It is not about monarchy or republicanism; it’s about the true “Constitution.” For which many of them laid their lives for it. The future political system of government shall be decided by the Iranians in a free and unbiased referendum. This paper will represent the first in series of papers to follow regarding the true “Constitution.” At the end, our national heroes were assassinated, defeated, forced to exile, ridiculed or destroyed. Their true “Constitution” was hijacked, revised, and diluted. The new version, executed by Mullah’s, written and backed by the British government was implemented.

Quest for Freedom

An idea is born

It is the turn of the century. The world has officially welcomed the 20th Century. The Industrial Revolution is in full speed in Europe. Persia (Iran) had missed the boat through inept Government, bad management, corruption, religious ignorance, closed door policy and foreign intervention / domination. It is worth noting that during the period of 1850 to 1875 the corrupt Ghajar dynasty was ruling Persia (Iran). The majority of the land was under a Feudal system of ownership with the people living/working on that land. The tribes in Iran are numbered in millions. They are called “Ashayer.” Some of the tribes are ruled fairly but the rest fair no better than their Feudal cousins. The entire population is under the grips of Mullah’s and their traditional Maddrassa teachings through their local mosques. The Mullah’s have the support of the Shah and the Feudalist. For a country that does not speak Arabic, The Mullah’s are sole Middlemen between people and God. It is they who interpret the words of God from Arabic to Farsi. It is they who instruct people of “do”s and “don’t”s of every day life. The Mullah’s function is to keep the people in total ignorance benefiting every one else except the General Public. In return The Mullah’s are rewarded by the foreign powers wishing to maintain their holdings by having masses to be silent, by the Shah and his court and finally, the major Feudal land owner and their immediate families.
The foreign powers active in Persia at that time were the Imperialist English and Russians. Unofficially, Iran was divided into two spheres of influence, the czarist Russian were influential in the Northern part of Iran and the English in the South.
The Capital was in Tehran, since it was moved a while back from Tabriz. The State of the Country under the Ghajars’ Shahs was very tragic at best since the monarchy had no money and no real power. During this period the major source of income for the Shahs’ was selling the control of various branches of government, military and police positions in the country. By doing so, they gave free reigns to the people who have purchased the positions. They, in turn collected self imposed taxes and revenues to pay the Shah for keeping their positions and accumulating wealth. Thus, adding more to the corruption and the misery of the population. On the whole, The Shahs after years of ignorance resulting from their traditional schooling in Madressa and their Mullah teachings are no better than uneducated masses they rule. “Nasser al din Shah”, the third Shah in the Ghajar dynasty, discovered the pleasures of traveling abroad. This particular Shah exhausted the funds in the national treasury and asked his government to borrow money from abroad to pay for his ever increasing travels expenses to Europe. The repayment of these so called “Loans” had made Iran bankrupt, as all major sources of income for the country were in direct or indirect control of foreign powers.
The British East India Company with the total support of British government had taken charge of Iran’s southern ports and collection of customs / tariffs. The imperialist Russia had the same arrangements for the Northern ports and collection of customs/ tariffs. East India Company had the monopoly it had created for the major products used in Iran. They ranged from Tea to Sugar and Tobacco. In Persia (Iran), both England and Russia exercised a significant power which affected every aspect of Iranians society. The Shahs were being told by these countries who to select as Prime Minister as well as the members of his cabinet. The only thing the king did was keeping balance in the cabinet by selecting enough number of British backed politicians against the Russian supported ones.
The capitulation law was in full enforcement. Iranians were embarrassed by the fact that their justice system was powerless against the crimes British and Russians citizens did against Persians (Iranians).
There was no regular army as Shah had no money for salaries. The borders of the country were entrusted to the tribes of Persia (Iran) for defending against foreign invaders. Some of these local tribes were directly hired by British or Russians to carry out their missions inside the country. The Shah’s personal army consisted of a small regiment, courtesy of the Imperial Russian government. Who trained and paid the salary of the Kazakh soldiers. In turn the Russians had control over the Northern ports of Iran. The southern Police Force (Later the name was changed to Oman Scouts), controlling the Southern ports of Iran was paid and maintained by the British government and East India Company which was a quasi governmental agency.

Iranians traveling abroad

The only good point coming out of all these was the introduction of the outside world to Persians (Iranians). The isolation and “closed door” policy was no longer applicable. The country needed to establish embassies in Europe, people traveling with the Shah, tradesmen following them started to bring in ideas and products from the European countries which they called “FARANG”. To this date there are jokes passed on from generation to generation about Naaser al din Shah and his travels to Farang. The comical positions they would find themselves as the result of their stark differences between culture, traditions and the western way of life. The flood gates were now open despite the constant complaints, warnings and threats from the Mullah’s (Later, Nasser Al Din Shah lost his life while praying in a holly shrine, over this very same issue after ruling 50 years. The fanatical assassin was instructed and completely under the influence of Mullah’s, while carrying their orders).
The roads were extremely unsafe to travel as bandits were rampant. Each territory had their own set of bandits controlling the roads. The Central Government had no army or money to pursue and catch these road bandits or no desire to do so. Most of these bandits were under the direct control of the governor of that province or did pay money to him and in turn got protection from the governor.
In this environment, some of the well to do families decided to send their children to Europe for better education. At this time Iran’s first Technical school was established by a capable Prime Minister (Later killed by the order of the Shah and the support of Mullah’s) in Tehran. It was called Dar al Founon (founded by the well respected Prime Minister of the Shah’s Court, Amir Kabir) meaning the School for trade and knowledge. However, it was not enough. The elites wanted their children to get the first hand education and the knowledge from Europe or Farangestan. Traveling was not so easy and often very dangerous. There were four routes out of Iran. North, through Russian held territories and Caspian Sea. South, through Persian Gulf and the British controlled section. Going through Afghanistan into India, or through the Ottoman Empire (Present day Turkey) were other alternatives as well. The most frequently route used by these travelers was to go from Teheran to province of Mazandaran by the Caspian Sea. In Anzali Port (Later name changed to Pahlavi Port), take the Russian steamship across the Caspian Sea. Land in Baku, Azerbaijan (At the time, not long ago that province and many others were lost to the Imperialist Russia in the greatest embarrassment our nation ever faced, called Turkeman-Chaye). In Baku, the passenger would board the Trans Russian Railway and go to Saint Petersburg. From Saint Petersburg by steamship or train, they would go to other destinations in the Europe. This journey sometimes taking well over four months to complete as there were no roads or if there were, there was no money to maintain them and depending on the season, it was not easy to travel and always the danger from bandits. Although, once they got to Baku, the rest of the travel would be conducted with certain ease and safety.
The most popular destination for Iranians was France; the center of European civilization, founder of the new Democratic Republic and the keeper of democracy. Many students from Iran ended up in Paris; while there they were absorbed by the higher learning institutions in France. At that time the universal trade and travel language was French. Thus, people not even traveling to France, had started to study French in Persian (Iranian) schools and with private tutors. The well known French literally works were send to Persia (Iran), either in French or translated to Farsi and people began to read about France, the French Revolution, the idea of New Republic, equality, justice and fraternity. What Persian (Iranian) people were reading sounded amazing to them.

End of Part 1 of 3.

To be continued on Part 2 and Part 3 where you will get to see what the true Mashrooteh was all about. The real documents and how it was hijacked.


Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Shame is on you!

To all the Traitors:

I am writing this in response to the traitors who lack logic, reasoning and evidence to support their claims!
Unfortunately, the western media has failed the quest of Iranian’s for freedom and the atrocities committed
to them by the regime in the similar manner that you see in this article:
Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to tell the story through my web site, web log and e-mail list; it is working!
What I publish is based on facts, news reports, official reports, videos and pictures. The arguments are factual and
scientific in comparison to your lies, labeling, rhetoric, finger pointing ,accusations and profanity!
The more you behave in this manner, the louder you scream the stronger becomes my resolve!
I know I am hitting you in the right place!
Truly you are a pathetic bunch!

Ramin Etebar, MD

IRI Apologists


There are three organizations the act as IRI apologists, their activities are extremely harmful for the IRI opposition as well as
the Iranian people. Any attempt to extend the life and sustenance of the Islamic Republic of Iran by any individual or organization results in
more suffering, torture, imprisonment, poverty and death in Iran and Iranians anywhere in the world.
The three organizations are American-Iranian Council (AIC, , The National Iranian-American council
(NIAC, ), and the Iranian-American Political Action Committee (IAPAC, ).
Although when looking at the IAPAC web site, it appears to involved in benign activities until you check their leadership profile page
( )! There are multiple individuals with strong ties with the IRI. Mr. Hassan Nemazee who is
a prior member of AIC sits on the board of directors of IAPAC; he sued an Iranian Student organization to suppress their anti-IRI activities according to
the Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in IRAN (SMCCDI ) .
Hooshang Amirahmadi, the Founder and President of AIC had nominated himself for the past IRI presidential elections.

One case example is the activity of NIAC to derail H.R. 282 / S333. This legislation would reauthorize sanctions against Iran and provide
$10 million (this can be funded from the 37 billion dollars frozen Iranian assets in US) to assist pro-democracy groups opposed to the IRI regime.
On January 24, 2005; Dokhi Fassihian of NIAC sent the following e-mail to the Iranian-American Radio Stations:

From: Dokhi Fassihian []
Sent: 24. jaanuar 2005. a. 14:53
Subject: NIAC Alert: Should the US Bomb Iran?

Dear Iranian-American radio stations:

NIAC has prepared an Action Alert, along with four letters for Iranian Americans to send to President Bush, their lawmakers, and their local media on the issue of possible military action toward Iran. These letters are crafted to include the different policy positions that exist on this issue. The letters are also editable, so that personal perspectives can be incorporated. Please note that NIAC has no position on this issue, but facilitates the expression of Iranian-American views.

We would appreciate it if you would distribute this action alert as widely as possible within your networks, listservs, and among your communities. We would also appreciate it if you would link the alert on your websites as well as announce it on broadcasts in Persian and urge Iranian Americans to go to our website ( and send a letter.

It is imperative that as many Iranian Americans as possible take action on this issue and make their voices heard.

We appreciate your valuable collaboration on this important issue.

Warm regards,

Dokhi Fassihian
Executive Director
National Iranian American Council
202-518-5507 (fax)

This was followed by sending the following action alerts ( and petition drive.
On April 20, 2005 the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) issued a news release entitled "Four out of five Iranian Americans oppose H.R. 282 / S333"!
NIAC claims to take no position on issues and only reflecting the views of the respondents to their survey. However, Their "Analysis" was completely one sided throughout. I searched for a counter argument "analysis" and could not find it on their site. Although, they do include a form letter with support language for 282. What is apparent is that they very cleverly write up a lengthy analysis "against" the bill and then, hidden behind pages and several clicks later a letter of support for HR282.

Our mass e-mail response was as follows:

I am a strong supporter of H.R. 282 / S. 333
NIAC does not represent me

Dear Madam/Sir:

NIAC recently released a Press Release dated April 20, 2005, in which it claims that there is strong opposition among Iranian Americans to H.R. 282 / S. 333 (Iran Freedom Support Act), a bill that would make regime change official U.S. policy on Iran and eliminate the sunset provision on existing sanctions on Iran.

As a freedom loving and patriotic Iranian-American, who is well informed of the opinions of other Iranian-Americans within U.S., I find the method of NIAC’s findings suspicious, biased and the result of such findings dubious.

Following are my objections regarding NIAC’s Press Release and its survey:

1. NIAC’s survey allows the same person with exactly the same information (name, address, email address, etc.) to vote more than once from the same computer.
2. NIAC’s survey allows non-existing email address for the voter.
3. The voter can be sitting in Chicago but give a postal or residence address in Texas and as long as the zip code is in Texas NIAC’s survey will submit the vote without any objection. In other words, one can be sitting in the office of the cleric rulers in Iran and claim to be Iranian-American residing in Chicago and to pretend that they are residing in U.S. all they need to know is the zip code and for that they can go to .
4. All the 504 votes, NIAC is claiming to have received, could have very well been cast by one individual and NIAC’s survey does not have the ability or capability to verify the reliability of the voters.
5. NIAC’s Press Release regarding the opponents of H.R. 282 states: “making regime change official US policy on Iran is the equivalent of declaring war. And through war, democracy cannot prevail. They also expressed concerns that a confrontational approach would prompt the Iranian regime to crack down on pro-democracy forces in Iran, making their work to bring democracy to Iran even harder.” NIAC’s Press Release regarding the opponents of H.R. 282 also states: “We should not waste tax-payers’ money on exiled groups that Iranians and Iranian Americans themselves refuse to fund.” However and not to my surprise, I noticed the sample form-letter that NIAC provided for its voters opposing the Bill having exactly the same wording (see which states: Making regime change official US policy on Iran is the equivalent of declaring war. And through war, democracy cannot prevail. Such a confrontational approach by the United States will only prompt the Iranian regime to crack down on pro-democracy forces in Iran, making their work to bring democracy to Iran even harder. Did the person who wrote the Press Release also write the sample form-letter for opposing the Bill? Is this how impartial NIAC is?
6. NIAC in its sample form-letter that it provided to the voters opposing the Bill states: “most Iranian opposition groups in exile are neither democratic nor legitimate. We should not waste tax-payers’ money on exiled groups that Iranians and Iranian Americans themselves refuse to fund”. Are we to believe that NIAC is impartial when instead of addressing the Bill in question it attempts to discredit the opposition groups?
7. If according to the sample form-letter provided for the voters, most opposition groups in exile are neither democratic nor legitimate, then what can we call the 4 out of 5 that NIAC claims to be against the Bill? Members of most of the opposition groups (4 out of 5)? Non-democratic and lacking legitimacy?
8. NIAC’s Press Release states: “In 2003, findings from a NIAC letter writing campaign addressing the student riots in Iran during that summer showed 22 percent of Iranian Americans supporting U.S. funding of Iranian opposition groups and satellite TV channels. That number has now dropped to 17.5 percent.” However, going back to NIAC’s Press Release dated January 31, 2005 (see the chart on it shows that suddenly only 8.5 percent of NIAC’s legitimate/democratic (or possibly illegitimate/undemocratic) voters supported US funding of the Iranian exiled opposition. 8.5% only 3 months ago and 17.5% now? Why such discrepancy? Is this not enough proof testifying to the unreliability and fallibility of NIAC’s survey?

NIAC does not represent me and I do not find NIAC as a true representation of the overwhelming Iranian-American living in this country.

As a patriotic Iranian-American I support any legislation including H.R. 282 / S. 333 (Iran Freedom Support Act) that would make regime change official U.S. policy on Iran.



CC: US Congressmen and Congresswomen
CC: US Senate Members
CC: Several thousand people via e-mail (Please pass this on)

We also wrote NIAC this letter:

Dear Sir/Madam:

On your press release dated April 20, 2005; you have claimed that” There is strong opposition among Iranian Americans to H.R. 282 / S. 333 (Iran Freedom Support Act), a bill that would make regime change official U.S. policy on Iran and eliminate the sunset provision on existing sanctions on Iran.

As an Iranian American I find your deception appalling and challenge your findings based on the followings:

1- Based on the 504 letters sent from your sample source, how did you establish the naturalization (citizenship) status of your participants that allows you to label the results that of the “Iranian-Americans”?
2- On the bottom of your bar graph ( you have stated that “the sample is not scientific”; if so what is the value of this sampling?
3-If you claim usability of your opinion sampling, then what is your statistical validity?
Statistical validity is defined as; the degree to which an observed result, such as a difference between 2 measurements, can be relied upon and not attributed to random error in sampling and measurement. The degree of statistical significance of a result depends upon the number of sampled data points (e.g. the number of users in a test), the size of the effect, and the amount of variation between measurements. Thus, statistical validity can be improved with increased samples, by reducing noise (and thus variation), and by creating as large an effect as possible.
Based on scientific means your opinion sampling is invalid and worthless, yet you state “While the findings from this campaign are not scientific, they do accurately reflect the broad range of views of Iranian Americans of varying political persuasions”.
Attached please find an objection letter from Iranian American Republican Council. I share their sentiments.
As a patriotic Iranian-American I support any legislation including H.R. 282 / S. 333 (Iran Freedom Support Act) that would make regime change official U.S. policy on Iran.

Ramin Etebar, M.D.

The opposing form-letter that NIAC provided their voters was surely very interesting:
As a proud Iranian American, I urge you to oppose H.R. 282 (S.333 in the Senate), a bill Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fl) introduced "To hold the current regime in Iran accountable for its threatening behavior and to support a transition to democracy in Iran."

Making regime change official US policy on Iran is the equivalent of declaring war. And through war, democracy cannot prevail. Such a confrontational approach by the United States will only prompt the Iranian regime to crack down on pro-democracy forces in Iran, making their work to bring democracy to Iran even harder.

This pattern is well recognized by now – every time the US has raised the rhetoric on Iran, the first victim has been the indigenous movement for democracy in Iran. Over the last few years, this course of action has helped the mullahs consolidate their control over Iranian society, making the regime stronger and the opposition weaker.

Moreover, most Iranian opposition groups in exile are neither democratic nor legitimate. We should not waste tax-payers’ money on exiled groups that Iranians and Iranian Americans themselves refuse to fund.

I again urge you to oppose this ill-conceived legislation because it only serves to make matters worse. The people of Iran are working every day to gain freedom and democracy. We should not make their work more difficult by passing ill-advised pieces of legislation.

I thank you for your kind consideration.

Notice the highlighted section above. Do I understand it correctly that the 4 out of 5 people who voted against 282 are not part of the opposition group and therefore they are democratic and legitimate? Or, are they members of the least Iranian opposition groups, therefore, they are democratic and legitimate? Now, to NIAC, which opposition groups are really democratic and legitimate and during their past operation, exactly what steps have they taken against IRI to qualify as an opposition group?


The moral of the story is that the IRI regime apologists derail and obstruct opposition to IRI through dubious methods.
H.R. 282 / S. 333 are not about war or bombings; they are about sanctions, political and economic pressures on IRI as well as funding for the opposition
which can come from our own frozen assets.
Without money the IRI opposition is powerless against the mullahs who are sitting on a sea of oil and gas. Without political and economic pressures on IRI
the West’s only other weapon is war, is this what we want? The short answer is no, but through the stupidity of the mullahs and their agents it might be inevitable!
So, get involve, pass the word around, write your representatives, find out who supports these organizations out side of Iran and ask them to stop funding them.

Ramin Etebar, MD

Saturday, October 01, 2005

The strategy of piecemeal protests

In response to” THE KEY TO SALVATION OF IRAQ IS IN REGIME CHANGE IN IRAN”, Oppenheimer from New Mexico wrote the following comments:

When I think about the fact that there's been some 850 protests crushed since the "election”, I got to wonder if those 850 protests had happened simultaneously, in a coordinated and sustained manner, whether they would have been crushed or grown into a total popular revolt involving millions? But the strategy of piecemeal protests has not worked...if the opposition is in a "shell", it is for this reason. It would appear from this poll, that a number of folks now look to outside intervention by physical means from free nations.....but the internal reaction ;I keep hearing is that this would strengthen the regime's support among the population. I wonder if the silent will find voice and lose fear if the IRI pushes the West to military intervention? While I still think the opposition has legs, it obviously cannot succeed without outside help in one form or another. The US and allies may be forced to intervene due to the risk of inaction being too great, given the IRI's intent....and stupidity in thinking it can actually win such a war...time is short, the people must decide if that is an option they would support to see a free Iran, or would national pride cause them to blindly follow the regime's intent? I have to take issue with the premise that the west is solely the creator of this "monster" , not only did it have a life of its own well before WW2, but today's version of it has been in power for some 26 years without internal opposition making a dent in it. It may not have been intelligent policy to "engage" with the regime to try and bring it into a more civilized pattern of behavior, and economics played its part in this....but 20/20 hindsight isn't going to change things now, except for the track to be taken in solution now.

Iran & Iranian Latest News Persian Journal Pol:

What is Iranians' option, will mullahs' regime go away by.....?
It is in its nature to be deposed by violent means: 51.1%
Acts of civil disobedience: 36.7%
Don't Know: 12.3%
Total votes: 7442

What are your thoughts?

Whose fault is it?

A couple of days ago I received an e-mail from Azordeh khater,the name roughly translates to disheartened , it was also forwarded
to me along with a note from a friend of mine who said “It is truly sad to see the comparison between Mojahedeen (MEK) and Monarchists! It is sad to see Monarchists have stooped so low that now, even a terrorist group is making fun of them and despite of being their enemy, Baztaab, Mr. Rezaei's paper is re-printing the news in Iran. I wonder what is happening. Who are responsible for the demise of Monarchists? What is at stake? If anyone can shed any light on this subject, I will be grateful to know.”
The e-mail from the Disheartened was an open letter to the Iranian Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi; expressing dissatisfaction about lack of progress
in the task to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran. I kept thinking to myself what is holding us back? I could think of many reasons, mainly infiltration of MOIS agents among opposition groups, disorganization, infiltration of foreign intelligence operatives, a false belief among Iranians that our future is to be determined in the hands of CIA and MI6; another words London and Washington determining the length of Iranian sufferings, who knows may be almost 27 years is not enough and they want to extend it for another quarter of century?

Given the fact that I have rattled everyone’s cage this week, I will start with our own the monarchists. Being in contact with the opposition groups,
I for one am running out of excuses for our failures. One thing is certain; at this short historic window, we only have the crown Prince who can spearhead the opposition, we can not afford to loose these precious moments! Giving speeches and writing communiqués is not working. He needs to assume a strong leader ship position, and launch an international campaign for the Iranian freedom. He will need an army of volunteers that can perform the task of planning, strategy, and public relations. A small office is inadequate for this major task. The advisory personnel should be increased in number and diversity in background, RP should recall how his late father was separated from the masses, he should remember how those Yes-MEN advisors ran out of the country before HIM the Shah left in exile. Reading Dr. Houshang Nahavandi’s book, The last Days indeed describes the saddest moments in the recent Iranian history. The book describes how the British and US ambassadors advised the Shah not to appoint General Gholam-Ali Oveissi as the prime minister, had been the Prime Minister or allowed to suppress the Islamists; arresting and locking them up the insurgents in a stable (where they belong) would Iran be in the shape that is today?
How many lives would have been saved? I hate to debate loss of Iranians’ life due to war with western powers several years from now. The time to act is now, tomorrow is too late!
If the crown prince builds a strong resistance front people will come! I know we can prevail if we have a strong leadership.

Ramin Etebar, MD

Below is the Azordeh khater’s letter:

Open Letter to Prince Reza Pahlavi

Your Majesty

Attached please note an article published in Baztaab. It is pretty sad for all the supporters of Monarchy to be compared to a low down marked terrorist organization and receive such a treatment. The caricature above sent from Iran reflects dissatisfaction with your performance as the crown prince of Iran.

What we want to know is; isn’t it time to change our strategy? As you are witnessing, what has been done before is not working.

We don't have to refer to Baztaab. The evidence is clear and present on sight for everyone's view, including your kind selves.

The Hunger strike was a total flop. Because, you did not sit under the tent with other strikers and spent 3 days as they did. Coming to the staging area for 15 minutes and leaving would neither escalate the people's sympathy nor their support.

Seeing their leader sitting under the tent and weathering harsh elements like others for 3 days would bring the desired results.

When asked about the reason of the way RP is being displayed momentarily and whisked back to his hotel, we were told due to the "security reasons". Well, this is not good enough answer for the people. They could have made arrangements for the security people to be there and change shifts entire time HIM was fasting with others under the tent.

For us, these were basic and elementary procedures that should have been followed. In turn they were overlooked by the planners (Knowingly or unknowingly) of the subject activity. As we all know, the whole idea was a very good plan. However, the whole intention fired back on us as we all see now.

What we would like to know is; are you planning to continue to do what you have been doing; until the movement is totally run to the ground and dismantled?
If not, we urgently recommend that you invite some of your supporters who are well versed in political planning and related topics to form a think tank assisting you in creating more effective plans and portray a better image of RP in public.

We need to have a large number of people rally behind RP inside of Iran as well as in exile. To achieve this task, HIM will need all the help he can get from his supporters at these critical times.

We understand that RP has top notch people assisting him. They have impressive degrees from well established European centers of higher learning.

However, as you see, it is not working! They are out touch with everyday common and ordinary Iranians. Their intellectual awareness may be high. But, they are out of touch with the people inside of Iran. These advisors have no real plan of action in the most critical time as we are entering.

If our movement fails, no one will see it as the fault of RP advisors, planners and aids. It will all reflect directly on RP himself and his lack of leadership.

Every time we try to complain about the planning and procedures of the events, we are told to mind our own business. RP and RP's office are closed to recommendations.

If we insist more, we are told RP's advisors are the one's that make the policy and there is nothing RP can do about it other than listening to them!

If the staunch supporters get the above mentioned treatment; I hate to see what will be the response to public.

In any event, we see it as our duty to go on the record and point out the downfall's of the current planning' and procedures.

We ask for nothing and are ready to do anything humanly possible to turn the tide around. However, we need open minds to sit and discuss the relating issues.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

May God keep our nation and our people safe from the harm of brewing tide in the international arena!

Your loyal supporters