Friday, September 30, 2005

Not A Democrat, Just Sick And Tired Of Liars!

Ambassador H.H in response to jokes on GW wrote and asked me;” Have we Iranians enrolled in American Democratic Party?
If we have not, then why we are bashing G. W. Bush? With this kind of a nonsensical left wing propaganda against him?
The only person that we may have little hope to do some thing about our retched life out of our beloved land?! Since we all know that the DEMOCRATS are our staunch enemy! I simple refuse to distribute this e-mail without my personal comments.”

The short answer is no sir! As matter of fact I have a commendation letter from GW for my efforts on getting him reelected in his second term. Out of hatred for the sleazy Jimmy Carter and his moron national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, I avoid Democrats like a plague. Brzezinski Justified his Islamic Belt Project in his book in this manner "In fact, an Islamic revival - already abetted from the outside not only by Iran but also by Saudi Arabia - is likely to become the mobilizing impulse for the increasingly pervasive new nationalisms, determined to oppose any reintegration under Russian - and hence infidel - control." (p. 133).
The end results were Khomeini, IRI, Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Iran-Iraq war, several million deaths among Iranians Afghanis and Iraqis. Al Qaeda, and September 11 are the byproduct of the Green belt (Russian Beard) project. Where was our vigilance in late 70s?

Having grown up in the West, I don’t have the Persian inhibition, I do not worship ideals! On this year’s state of the union, Bush said” to the Iranian people, I say tonight: As you stand for your own liberty, America stands with you.” Yet he tells the congress urging them to hold off on the legislation concerning H.R. 282/S. 333 ( )! Similarly he fails other Middle Eastern nations ( ). The president in the last state of the union said “Iran remains the world's primary sponsor of terror”, yet US sided with Iran last week in a secret vote to downgrade international police alerts calling for the arrest of Iranian officials wanted by Argentina for their alleged role in the 1994 bombing of the Argentina’s Jewish Center ( )!
It seems to me that he is talking from both sides of his mouth. As one of his constituents I question his double talk and integrity until he gets it together.

Ramin Etebar, MD

Who did what and why? Truth or Propaganda

Mr. Rastegar,

Unlike your impression of the monarchists being “devoid of any Principles”, we do have our own red lines that should never be crossed including TREASON, ESPIONAGE, HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS, TERRORISM, MURDER and CORUPTION. MEK has done them all! If one day Shahzadeh Reza Pahlavi decides to incorporate them into his camp, then he is on his own as far as I am concerned!

It has been years that I had not wished to argue with the people like you and Mr. Safavi , You are devoid of fact and logic; you only weapon
Is smearing campaign, lies and propaganda! Lately I have changed my mind, looking back at the mistake of 1357 (1979 revolution) I realized that; had our people had bothered To investigate the Afatollah Roh al Eblis Khomeini’s Resaleh and exposed the bastard prior to or during the Fetneh 57, today we would not be in this predicament! For this reason I have decided to expose your lies and deceits.
The 1979 Iranian revolution was not for democracy, it was for greed, the $100/day/person that the con-man Khomeini had promised the people in oil allowance money delivered to their homes.
It was for the promise of free housing, utilities and transportation and you sirs along with your imperialist masters fuelled the mass hysteria by the alleged slaughter and human right abuses. What happened to democracy? What about the freebees? Don’t forget IRI executions, serial killings, disappearances and human right abuses! This is what you brought us! You are the cause of my exile! In November of 1978, the Shah in a famous speech begged the people to settle down and give him time to reform the country, but look what your greed for money and power has brought us! And you cowards destroyed the country and then ran abroad. I was already here, I did not participate in your filthy revolution and from the get go opposed you!
I should not be defending the Shah’s regime since I was only a college student. But the cowards who ran the country fled and handed the government in a silver platter to you thugs failed to do. Some one has to do it, I put my self to the task and I fear no one!

In a typical Hezbollah, MEK and Communist fashion you accuse the monarchists of “an Invasion of Iran by the US, and the bombing of Iran”.
Based on what evidence do you say such a stupid thing a link to my web log ( ) has been included in my
e-mail article and dispatches as well as a link to my web site ( is listed in my web log.
I advocate solving the IRI problem by the Iranian hand through political support. I oppose military invasion of Iran. I ask the US government to fund the IRI opposition by our own frozen assets in us ( ) not the US citizen’s tax dollars.

You said” I wished Dr. Etebar learns that no legs of any throne may be upheld in a pool of Iranian blood.” Going back through history; according to Ayatollah Dr. Haeri, The IRI regime in an attempt to disgrace the Shah compiled a list of everyone executed during the 57 years ruling of the Pahlavi Dynesty, the grand total for every one executed for any charges including murder, terrorism, drug trafficking, espionage, armed insurgency came to approximately 3000 people. That is 52.6 persons per year. Given the previous population of 38 million people that is 0.00013% of the population per year!
In regards to Shah’s former political prisoners, what immediately come to my mind are Massoud Rajavi, Ali Khamenei, and Hashemi Rafsanjani,
Can any one blame him for that? They should have been handed down death sentences!

Arguments for Capital Punishment

The pursuit of justice: Although execution of a murderer does not provide full justice for the victim, it is the closest pursuit of justice that would be allowed by the moral sensibilities of most people. Without the use of the death penalty for murder, the injustice against the murder victim continues and increases with time until the murderer eventually dies.
Deterrence — it may deter other people from committing capital crimes, while studies (see above) seem to deny this claim
Prevention — it prevents offenders from ever returning to society, thereby preventing them from further crimes. It also prevents them from killing other inmates and prison employees.
Retribution — the death penalty is imposed as a way of "balancing justice" to a limited degree for the crime committed.
It shows how seriously society looks at the most heinous crimes.
People committing the most heinous crimes (usually murder in countries that practice the death penalty) have forfeited the right to life.
The death penalty shows the greatest respect for the ordinary man's, and especially the victim's, inviolable value.
It strikes fewer "innocent persons" than alternative penalties, as among prisoners and ex-prisoners there are many who relapse into new crimes which, strike additional "innocent persons".
It provides peace of mind for many victims of crime and their families.
It is the most effective way to protect society (its structures and its individuals) from a felon.
It is less cruel than prolonged sentences of imprisonment, especially under the conditions that would be popularly demanded for heinous criminals.
It provides extra leverage for the prosecutor to deal for important testimony and information.
It enjoys democratic support of the people (in countries where this applies).
From an economic point of view, it may be less expensive to execute a convict than to house him or her as a prisoner for life.
Just as the virtuous deserve reward proportionate to their good deeds, so too the vicious deserve punishment proportionate to their bad deeds. One might even hold, with Kant, that respect is shown to the criminal as someone who has chosen a particular path in life by visiting the appropriate punishment on the criminal.
Criminals may be led to rethink and reconcile their lives by the pressing expectation of death.
It upholds the rule of law, because it discourages vigilantism or self-help on the part of the victim's family or friends (in the form of lynchings or the retaining of hit men). If not controlled, such self-help can lead to extremely destructive vendettas or blood feuds.
In some areas where prison overcrowding is becoming a problem, capital punishment is viewed as a way to free up more prison space.
Without the death penalty, a person already serving a life sentence may have no reason not to kill in prison.

According to Amnesty International's annual report on official judicial execution, in 2004 there were 3,797 executions in 25 countries.
The 12 countries with the most executions in 2004:

Executions per 100 million residents

Saudi Arabia

In your reference to utopia, there is no such a thing except in philosophy books. Iran had its share of problems, but don’t forget
where we were in 1925 when Reza Shah took over;

Reza Shah

During Reza Shah's sixteen years of rule, major roads and the Trans-Iranian Railway were built, modern education was introduced and the University of Tehran was established. The government sponsored European educations for many Iranian students. Reza Shah backed a strong policy of industrialization, to ensure that the country was not dependent solely on oil and agricultural revenues. He established a modern Iranian armed forces, abolished nationwide feudal local rulers to name a few. The Malaria was eradicated in Iran only to return during the Mullah’s rein. His achievements were great! Prior to him we did not even have city wide water pluming, remember the water storage tanks (Aabanbaar) in the old houses?

Mohammad Reza Shah

During the reign of Mohammad Reza Shah, he made major changes to improve farming by expropriating large and middle-sized estates for the benefit of more than four million small framers, a socialist act if you will. In the White Revolution, he took a number of major modernization measures, including extending suffrage to women. He instituted exams for Islamic theologians to become established clerics ("mullahs"), which were widely unpopular and broke centuries-old religious traditions. This initiated the Khomeini problem in 1964, calling the land division unislamic encouraging the religious fanatics to riot in throughout Iran, burning movie theaters and setting bars on fire. Khomeini was arrested and exiled from Iran. Shah’s policies led to strong economic growth during the 1960s and 1970s

The White Revolution was a far-reaching series of reform programs launched in 1963 by the last Shah of Iran, His Imperial Majesty Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. The Shah had intended it to be a non-violent regeneration of Iranian society through economic and social reforms, with the ultimate long-term aim of transforming Iran into a global economic and industrial power. The Shah introduced novel economic concepts such as profit-sharing for industrial workers and initiated massive government-financed heavy industry projects, as well as the nationalization of forests and pastureland. Most important, however, were the land reform programs which saw the traditional landed elites of Iran lose much of their influence and power. Nearly 90% of Iranian share-croppers became land owners as a result. Socially, the platform granted women more rights and poured money into education, especially in the rural areas. The Literacy Corps was also established, which allowed young people to fulfill their compulsory military service by working as village literacy teachers. The White Revolution contributed greatly towards the economic and technological advancement of Iran.
The powerful Shiite clergy were also angered at the reforms that removed much of their traditional powers in the realms of education and family law, as well as lessening their previously strong influence in the rural areas. Severe antagonism towards the White Revolution from the clergy and landed feudalists, would ultimately contribute to the Shah's downfall during the Iranian Revolution in 1979.
You mentioned that “Monarchists are destined to the Past” what you read above is our past; the past shall be our guide to the future!
What you and your MEK, Hezbollah, and the leftist cohorts have brought us is the achievements you see below:


Execution, flogging, stoning and amputation of limbs in public
Mass killings of political prisoners
Assassination of political dissidents outside of Iran
Political serial killings in Iran
Construction of many new prisons holding thousands of political prisoners
Political oppression
Promotion of international and domestic terrorism
Violation of human rights in every category
Lack of civil liberties
Improvement and growth of Iran’s Cemeteries
Killing and imprisonment of journalists
Violation of women’s rights
Censorship and closure of publications
Forcing Iranian’s to flee the country resorting in five million refugees throughout the world and “brain drain”.
Oppression of religious minorities
Filtering the internet
Jamming out of country satellite TV and radio stations
Stealing Iran’s wealth by the Mullahs and transfer of funds to abroad.
Destruction of Iran’s Economy
Widespread poverty throughout Iran
Severe Inflation
Devaluation of Iranian Rial
Increase in unemployment
Increase in the crime rate
Promotion of corruption, prostitution and addiction
Housing crisis in Iran
Malnutrition, retarded growth and increased rate of depression among Iranian youth
Public health crisis in Iran
Making Iran an international “embarrassment”
1979 Occupation of the US Embassy in Tehran and holding hostages for 444 days.
Conflict with neighboring countries
Iran-Iraq War resulting in millions dead, wounded, handicapped and homeless
Supporting Sadam Hussein in the US Iraq War
Destruction of Iran’s Airline Industry
Causing economic sanctions against Iran
Producing weapon’s of mass destruction
Inability to get Iran’s fair share of natural resources from Caspian Sea
Promoting regional conflicts in the Middle East
Destruction of Iran’s industries
Lack of technological advancements
Air and environmental pollution crisis in Iran
Destruction of Iran’s agriculture
Destructions of fine arts, theater, cinema and music in Iran
Promoting Islamic Fundamentalism
Closure of Iranian Universities under cultural revolution for three years
Attacking University campuses to kill and crack down on students
Violating the constitution of the “Islamic Republic”
Hiring hooligan’s for beating and crack down on Iranian citizens
Improving and selling contraband by regimes elements for additional income
Selling Iranian women as sex slaves in the United Arab Emarets

I am optimistic that at the end of the day; the intelligent Iranian people will make the right choice for the future.

Ramin Etebar,MD

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Q and A with the Thugs, Terrorists and Cultists

Dear Professor Foote

How convenient for Mr. Savafi to label opposition to their cult as “either a paid agent or de facto agent of the Iran's Intelligence Ministry”.
Indeed the US Dept of State’s report describes this cults well as it states “The Mojahedin, for their part, often dismiss their critics as agents of the regime”.
My only take on his response was rhetoric and accusations.

In order to end the MOIS discussion I would like to introduce my background. I came to the States in mid 70s as a high school student in my teenage years.
Soon after the revolution, I and a group of my college buddies started the first Anti-IRI opposition student group by the name of GAMA. We organized the
first Anti-Khomeini demonstration in Los Angeles, a few of us against several thousand pro-Khomeini counter-demonstrators which included the MEK,
Hezbollah and the leftist confederated Iranian students.
Thanks to LAPD protection, I am still alive today to tell you about it. Today, some of my college buddies are
leading major opposition groups both in Republican and Monarchist camps. So as Mr. Rastegar puts it “Your sleaze will not stick”!

Mr. Safavi, please accept my most sincere condolences on the 24th anniversary of his execution by IRI criminals, but your loss and our sympathy
does not justify the atrocities committed by your organization against Iran and Iranians, including MEK dissidents.

Your organization’s crimes are too numerous to count, you can review my critic in the bottom of this e-mail, but in specific I would like you to answer the following questions:
1- As opposition groups to IRI , We all hate the regime, but non of us has committed acts of espionage against our mother land Iran, How do you
Justify MEK spying for the Former Soviet Union, followed by Saddam Hussein and now spilling the beans on Iran’s nuclear secrets?
2- How do you justify attacking Iranian territory from the enemy soil in war time killing innocent Iranian conscript soldiers serving a mandatory military service without pay?
3- How do you defend the fact that you lured Iranian youth to Iraq, promising them money with pay, followed by a political asylum to US and Europe, but when they arrived in Iraq and found the truth, your organization threatened with two years of solitary confinement in camp Ashraf, and the eight years in Saddam’s Abu Ghurayb prison where Saddam Kamal (who was head of the Special Security Organization) oversaw the torture and execution of thousands of political prisoners.
4- What is your excuse for forced separation of families and their children as well as forced divorces among MEK couples, when Massoud Rajavi gets to marry several women as well as having extra marital affairs?
5- How do you justify torture, imprisonment (most often solitary confinement) and mysterious disappearance of the MEK dissidents?
6- What is you defence for killing ordinary Iranian civilians during your acts of terror and sabotage?
7- How would you absolve MEK’s advocating assassinations, sabotage and murder? May I remind you sir that the archived Mojahed paper is available! Your organization assassinated at least at least six American citizens who were employees of Rockwell and other defense contractors in Iran. MEK encouraged more execution of the Iranian elite society during the Shah’s regime. Your personnel participated in summary execution of those people in tandem with the murderer Afatollah Khomeini.
8- What is your answer for participation in Saddam's brutal counterinsurgency campaigns in the Shiite south and Kurdish north. "Up until the fall of the Saddam’s regime, MEK was heavily involved in suppressing the Kurdish uprising of 1991?
9- In 1988, after the Frough e Javidan failed offensive to Iranian soil from Iraq, you gave the murdering mullahs an execute more than 30,000 people in matter of days. What is your excuse for this stupidity? Why MEK cultist would set themselves on fire for Maryam getting arrested with several million dollars, yet you failed to launch a serious protest?
10- Despite all your failures, negative past history which includes TREASON, ESPIONAGE, HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS, TERRORISM, MURDER and CORUPTION how do you expect the Iranians to accept you as an alternative to the blood thirsty regime of Mullahs?

Ramin Etebar, MD

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

MEK vs. the Parliamentary Monarchist’s and Republicans

Couple of days ago I was surfing the IRI’s cyber space when I came to an article in Baztab; a web site owned by a former revolutionary Guard commander (thug) Mohsen Rezai. If you recall; he was an Iranian presidential candidate and a member of the Expediency Council.

Throughout the past I have noticed that Baztab News gets in gear attacking the opposition
When the regime is vunrable.The targets were as usual the Iranian Monarchists, however this time through a proxy. They had published an article from MEK (Mojahedin e khalgh). The article focused on the Iranians’ demonstrations in front of the UN on September 14, 2005; objecting to Ahmadinejad’s trip to New York.

The gist of the article was that basically the Iranian Monarchist,s movement is a dead
issue , and their coffins has been nail shut. It then goes on defending MEK’s legitimate
number of demonstrators , denying their rent-a-crowd demonstrators and barging about
their sacrifices for Iran!

As an eyewitness to the event in New York and as an Iranian; I felt so offended with their lies and their insistence on being the only alternative to the IRI that I decided to write this article exposing MEK’s true story.

The trip to New York

I was par of a 60 people group flying from Los Angeles to NYC together on a red eye flight. Prior to the departure while getting a bite to eat with couple of friends, we ran into a group of college aged individuals who informed us that they were also attending the demonstrations in New York City. To my amazement out of 22 people in the MEK group,only 3 were Iranians. Further chatting with them revealed that they were paid $400.00 per person in addition to Hotel accommodations in Manhattan for three days, topped off by food allowance and site seeing tours in NYC. The Funny thing was that most of these kids did not know which organization has sponsored them although some had attended a previous demonstration in Washington DC.
The next day while demonstrating I noticed a tremendous number of non-Iranians demonstrating among the MEK group. Two Danish gentlemen approached me asking for a cloth Iranian Sun and the Lion flags since MEK had provided their group with a paper one. They too had been flown from Denmark all expenses paid!
Next I ran into Mr. Kenneth R. Timmerman notifying him of the situation. Mr. Timmerman carried his own investigation, took some picture and wrote this article: Outlawed Iranian opposition group rents demonstrators in New York; pro-monarchist groups call for Ahmadinejad arrest
I would like to extend my most sincere appreciation to my travel companions.
They are hard working, patriotic people who took time off work, attended the demonstrations paying their own way. They were both republicans and Monarchists!

Why MEK is repulsive to the Iranians?

MEK is a Islamic-Marxist terrorist organization established in 1965. In early 70s they assassinated at least at least six American citizens who were employees of Rockwell and other defense contractors in Iran.
In 1960s and 70s they were spying for the Former Soviet Union against Iran as well as committing acts of sabotage and assassinations. In 1979 collaborated with Ayatollah Khomeini to overthrow the former Shah of Iran. They supported the US Embassy take over and taking of the American diplomats hostage. Soon after the revolution they lost the power struggle and were purged by Ayatollah Khomeini in the early 1980s. MEK then sided with Saddam Hussein in the Iran-Iraq war by 1985.In 1988 they launched a foolish attack on the Iranians borders that was swiftly defeated by the Mullahs. As a result of this foolishness, many MEK personnel and Iranian conscript soldiers were killed. This gave the murderous IRI regime to execute more than 30,000 Iranian political prisoners in matter of weeks in the summer of 1988. They were mostly leftist political prisoners.
In 1991 after the first Persian Gulf War, MEK fighters were on the front lines of Saddam's brutal counterinsurgency campaigns in the Shiite south and Kurdish north. "Up until the fall of the Saddam’s regime, they were heavily involved in suppressing the Kurdish uprising of 1991. Page. 321 of the SSIC report on pre-war Iraq intelligence makes crystal clear, the Iraqi regime provided bases, training, protection, and funding to MEK and in return the group helped Saddam with his "internal security." In addition to occasional acts of sabotage, the Mojahedin are responsible for violent attacks in Iran that victimize civilians.
The Supreme leader of the MEK, Massoud Rajavi escaped from Iran disguised as a woman; leaving his wife behind. His first wife along with her brother was shortly killed by the IRI regime in a gun fight. Shortly thereafter Rajavi married the daughter of Banisadr (The first IRI president) who had escaped from Iran in the same manner with Rajavi.Rajavi later on seduced his comrade’s (Mehdi Abrishamchi) wife Maryam , divorced his second wife and married Maryam Rajavi who is the MEK selected President for Iran. This they called a revolution, what kind? Probably a bedroom one! MEK at the same time being a cult that is; pressures its members to divorce their spouses and families! When Maryam came to Europe in 1993 her husband had an affair with her second in command, Fahimeh Arvani back in Iraq.
In June 2005, Human Rights Watch published a report about mistreatment inside the Mojahedin-e Khalq, identifying torture and assassination as being used to stop disaffected members from leaving the organization.
The Us department of state report describes MEK’s popularity among iranian in this manner: “Since their leadership's expulsion from Iran, the Mojahedin have conducted a public relations campaign among Western press and public officials, seeking political support and financial backing. Exploiting Western opprobrium of the behaviour of the current government of Iran, the Mojahedin posit themselves as the alternative. To achieve that goal, they claim they have the support of a majority of Iranians. This claim is much disputed by academics and other specialists on Iran, who assert that in fact the Mojahedin-e Khalq have little support among Iranians. They argue that the Mojahedin's activities since the group's leadership fled from Iran in 1981-- particularly their alliance with Iraq and the group's internal oppression -- have discredited them among the Iranian polity. The clerical regime in Tehran, aware of the Mojahedin's unpopularity, attempts to discredit many of its opponents by falsely linking them to the MKO. The Mojahedin, for their part, often dismiss their critics as "agents of the regime”.
Aside from the above, MEK is also hated for previously burning the Iranian Sun and the Lion flags, and cult behavior including committing suicide by setting themes on fire. Several people died when in protest of Maryam’s arrest in France, several cult members set themselves on fire where in contrast to the execution of the 30,000 political prisoners (many of whom were MEK members) they did nothing. “When Maryam Rajavi was arrested in Paris in June 2003, and her premises were searched, she was found to possess millions of dollars from Iraq and not surprisingly about a million Euros worth of clothes, shoes and make-up. Observers were shocked by the contrast between her personal wealth and the way she and her husband Massoud Rajavi treat the cult members who are not allowed personal possessions, sleep in communal dormitories sometimes 10 to a room and whose children are used to collect money in the streets. For years the Rajavis have been using these members as slaves, and have, in addition, been paid per head by Saddam to add to their personal wealth” reported by Iran Interlink.


Any kind of US support for the MEK as an organized Iranian opposition would be a complete and utter disaster for any kind of movement for democratic revolution inside Iran. It would give the mullahs a propaganda victory that they would relish for years to come and completely discredit any legitimate pro-democracy groups that accepted US support. As far as the Iranians are concerned MEK can take its terror (TRAITOR) organization, its ideology and shove it where the sun does not shine!
To learn more on MEK atrocities, please visit these web sites:

Ramin Etebar, MD

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Mr. President, "Is this how you stand with the Iranians?"

Jun 3, 2005

Dear Mr. President

On February 2, 2005, you issued clear warnings to Syria and Iran that they were next in your sights declaring a mission to spread democracy around the world.

In your state of the Union, you said "There are still governments that sponsor and harbor terrorists, but their numbers have declined. There are still regimes seeking weapons of mass destruction, but they are no longer without attention and without consequence."

Regarding Iran you said "Iran remains the world's primary sponsor of terror" and issued a direct message to Iranians to stand up to the clerical regime in Tehran.

You declared "to the Iranian people, I say tonight: As you stand for your own liberty, America stands with you."

Mr. President, your promises to a nation must be kept to prove the American decency and sincerity.

Currently in Iran, people are planning to boycott the upcoming presidential elections, people are organizing and there are talks of uprising against the tyrant regime of Tehran. Yet when it comes to action we learned that you are urging Congress to hold off on legislation concerning H.R. 282/S. 333. (Members push tougher line on Iran).

Mr. President time after time you have encouraged the Iranians to stand up to the IRI regime yet at the most sensitive time your administration abandons the Iranians. I recall two years ago (June 2003) after your repeated verbal support for the Iranians, people took to the streets for almost two consecutive weeks protesting the atrocities of the IRI ahead of the July anniversary for the Iranian student uprising; yet at that time your former Secretary of the State Mr. Powel declared the uprising a "family feud" and washed his hands off.

The regime in Iran can be changed by supporting the Iranians. The tyrants who rule Iran are thugs, who do not respect human rights, contracts or rules of international diplomacy. The IRI has a renegade tract record for the past 26 years that is undeniable.

One of the required principals in Shia Islam is Taghieh, which means that they lie even under oath, when they think their action is helping Islam. Therefore when the regime leaders are under pressure to sign an agreement, they submit only to perform Taghieh and do the exact opposite at a later time. How can one negotiate and reach an agreement with these people? How could your administration be concerned that passage of H.R. 282/S. 333 legislation might disrupt sensitive negotiations about Iran's nuclear program?

The Iranian people are the most pro-American nations in Middle East, The EU big 3 (England, France and Germany) blatant disregard toward the Iranian's quest for liberty and their unconditional support for the IRI regime has created an intense animosity among the Iranians toward the EU, your support for EU's current policy for the sustenance of the IRI regime will only buy you hatred and amplify the Iranians' fury.

Mr. President; sooner or later the IRI regime must be changed; execution of this matter in the hands of Iranians themselves will prevent American blood loss down the road.

I urge you to take the Iranian people's side before it is too late!


Ramin Etebar, M.D.


Today when I opened my E-mails, I noticed an E-mail from an opposition group operating out of one of CIS countries (former Soviet block). This group was formed by group of Iranian boys and girls University students living in that country.

At least once a week with certain regularity they would circulate their E-mails in cyber space for anyone interested in reading what they are doing and their progress.

From the content’s of their E-mails one would notice although, they are not professionals; they are hard at work and dedicated to their cause. Trying to link with other opposition groups and expand dialogue with others.

Frankly, I got used to receiving their E-mails for the past 3 years. Reading about what sort of activities they are doing such as sending letters to United Nations in protest or other activities such as sending petitions around for freedom of jailed journalists in Iran. I have even seen their pictures gathered in the university Cafeteria or their picnic in local park dead smack in the middle of winter with lots of snow.

I have Read about the events they would host for fund raising regarding the imprisoned fellow students in Iran, their press conferences in the local media ; trying to educate the general public about the political situation in Iran and what they are doing.

It was obvious this group is young, energetic, sincere, honest that truly believe in what they are doing; team players and true friends in campus, in their private and political activities.

Their E-mail today, sadly informed everyone that they are closing down their operation and will stop their activity. The reason sited for this action was due to their expansion as few other groups had joined them.

When they had started this organization, as friends they had practiced total open ness, transparency and comradely in their work. They were all friends and equal in ranks with a common cause and common believes.

According to their E-mail everything changed as the new groups joined them. Specially, a certain group which I will not mention their names.

According to the original group, this new group joined them and problems started. They started to make troubles for everyone as they played one against the other and spreading rumors, lies and making certain there would be disagreements among the new comers and the old guard.

Finally, escalating the matter to a point that nothing could be done. No one could make any decision about anything. People were accused of spying and sabotage. They made the working environment so tense and poisonous where people did not show up to consult and perform their works.

After a while, that group was on top and there was no one around. Based on these issues, the original group has decided to fold and stop everything.

After reading their sad E-mail, I started to wonder. During our 26 years of opposition, how many hundreds of large and small groups had to close down, due to assassinations, being hijacked by the Islamic Republic secret operatives, lack of funds or just clash of ideas between the members and disagreement as who has the final say.

The case of our young university students, if they had accounted accurately chronicles of what has transpired. I can say clearly it was a classic case of hijacking by the operatives of Islamic Republics regime.

I remember 24 years ago in Los Angeles. How I got my first education about dissolving groups and destroying their cause. I was a young man and still in University. The Islamic revolution was in infancy and there were many Iranians in Los Angeles with their tourist’s visa and some like myself with Student visa. The confidences were high as any day the regime will collapse and everyone will go back home.

A Person that I just will mention his first Initial, Mr. S. asked 10 of his friends to gather Wednesday 12:00 Noon for a lunch in Beverly Hilton Hotel. After Lunch they parted their own way and planned to meet next Wednesday for lunch. This time the number of guests rose to 25 and started to escalate.

At the height of these luncheons, as I recall, there were over 1,500 people gathering every Wednesday for lunch. People were coming because they were hungry for news and wanted to belong somewhere that had the smell and the feel of back home.

Pretty soon this crowd started to ask if it is possible to make this gathering organized and give this organization a name and make it as a group. At first Mr. S. was so humble. Accommodating to everyone’s need and making sure everyone is at home and people would get their special food such as Kosher or diabetic foods or they wanted extra helping of the desert.

By doing all these, when it came to forming the group, everyone including myself saw no one other than this person as natural for the job of creation and leading this new group.

At first he was reluctant to take the job saying he is too busy to do it. Finally he said the magic word. In order to do this task he needs to get paid. It was a logical and legitimate request. They all decided to raise the lunch fees a bit in order to have him paid to run this organization.

The organization was formed and everyone became member. The lunch money was raised in order to pay his salary, secretary of the organization and as I recall someone else for performing something that I don’t remember.

It was decided this organization would run as a democratic organizations. Run by President and board of directors. The elections were held. Mr. S. was elected as President. The boards of directors were elected.

Everyone was happy and the attendance had reached the numbers of 2000 on each Wednesday Luncheon.

It got to the point that the hotel management asked us to find another location for our gathering since the hotel physically could not accommodate all these people. This gathering had started to put strain on the parking system, hotel and the restaurants.

The organization management found a place that accommodated for special events and a capacity much larger than Hilton. It was a bit far. But, no one did mind the trip. Although the fees were considerably lower than what Hilton charged for lunch, the same rates were charged.

The organization started to have dinner parties as well and the attendance reach almost 5000 people at the dinner parties complete with open bars, live music and singing performers.

This was all well and dandy until people started to say an organization like this should state its political goal and become politically involved in what was going on back home. At first Mr. S. reluctantly agreed with this recommendation.

On those Luncheons, after the lunch we had speakers from various fields talking about events in Iran and analyzing them for the group. They ranged from university professors to Rear Admirals in the former Royal Iranian Navy.

The attendance even grew larger. People of all walks of life would come to these gatherings, from a mechanic to a Bank owner. All sit side by side listen to the current events, ask questions and interact with each other.

The trend was like this until one day we lost the treasure of the organization and had to bring a new guy. This guy was a multi Millionaire from Beverly Hills. He had one major flaw. He was pro Islamic Republic to the max and a religious fanatic. I recall once I did ask him what he was doing here. “If things are so good there, why are you here?” I had asked him. He just looked at me funny and did not answer.

I do not know what happened after he got on board. Somehow he influenced Mr. S. so much, and he started to change. He was not the same man. The treasurer was involved in every aspect of the decision-making and finally they called everyone to tell them no longer this organization will be involved in politics!

There were many protests. Mr. S threatened to resign and through the treasurer who has brought in a group of people in the organization, they shoved that idea into the throats of everyone.

After that vote the speeches at lunch had trickled down to how to brush your teeth properly when a dentist paid them to speak; as a form of advertisement to the topic of which travel agency gives you better service.

People got bored. The attendance started to drop and complaints start to rise. A large group including myself boycotted the organization and finally they had to close, as no one except bunch of pro Islamic Groups would attend.

At the end there was over $370,000 left in the petty cash. It was our recommendation to give this money for student’s scholarship fund or to a charity. Mr. S. as a dictator that he had become; demanded this money is his god given right. He had earned it. Despite of the salary he was getting he wanted this money too. Our group of dissidents refused. The Pro Islamic group headed by the Treasurer approved and finally Mr. S. Found clause in the by laws of the non-profit group, that in case of a tie, this money can be used for research.

Immediately Mr. M. volunteered to conduct a research when asked about what topic, he replied the benefits of frozen yogurt in our diets! He took off with our money and the last I have heard from him. He is in Iran running an ice cream parlor. I guess the research results from frozen yogurt was not that favorable!

Thinking back, I realize what kind of great opportunity we had forming that organization and how two people knowingly ran it to the ground intentionally for their personal and gains and in favor of Islamic Republic and their personal pocket.

From time to time I hear of that treasurer. He is still pro Islamic Republic, living in Beverly Hills and still joining organizations and finishing them off internally, efficiently and quietly!

Spreading rumors such as “they take the names of people in the meetings and giving a hard time to their relatives back home” or “taking pictures and filming the events which will be waiting for you at the airport when you go home” are favorite tactics of the regime operatives. Let’s face it they work!

The stories like above have made us Iranians run away from any organized gatherings and each other. Because we know eventually somewhere, someone will come around and will destroy everything you have worked for so hard.

The operatives of Ministry of Information from Iran are at hand posing as many things; Investors, Friends, Managers or facilitators. They will come in as they see you are gathering momentum. They have one task to stop you from what you are doing!

They always succeed, as they know us. They know our fears and our weaknesses. They know they can buy us, scare or at worst kill us. They always have the upper hand.

If they can impose their will on us who live in the democratic world with laws protecting us, you can imagine what they have done to the people living in Iran!

If we wish to overcome this regime, we who are outside and can speak freely, must air our concern and that of our fellow Iranians living inside Iran.

We must expose these operatives and overcome our fears. They can not deal with all of us if we do not let them!

God Bless you all.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Drums of war are beating in Tehran


The staff of the supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei are burning late night candles. The news of referring Iran to the Security Council has become public.
The Ball is now in their court. They have to make the next move…..

They are getting ready to implement the plans which they had prepared just for this occasion. It is called “Operation Divine Intervention”. In the series of events they will try to inflict damage through their proxy’s in order to make nations withdraw their demand without their actual direct confrontation.

Operation Divine Intervention
During the Iran, Iraq war became obvious to the Iranian clergy leadership that confrontation with United States is immanent. That is, if they wish to control the Middle East and to export their brand of revolution in order to create the new Islamic Empire.

Sepah Pasdaran and Baseiji organization, through series of low level confrontation with the US Navy in Persian Gulf, Marines in Beirut, Army in Iraq and Special Forces in Afghanistan have learned many valuable lessons.

During the Shah’s regime “Savak” Secret Police headed by General Nassiri (later executed by firing squad) was divided into two distinct and separate major sections. Under these two sections were various different subsections. Depending on the tasks, the subsections operated by their names and reported to the head of their respected major sections. The International Section under General Motazed had to report to General Nassiri, the head of Savak.

The National Section under General Fardoost had to the same. Howevevr, there were sub sections in National Secret police under the direct orders of the Shah reported only to Fardoost. They did not have to answer to General Nassiri or his boss which was the Prime Minister of Iran.

The Two major sections were 1. National Secret Police which operated something like FBI, headed by General Fardoost, the late Shah’s closest confident and later turned turn coat. The second section 2. International Operations, Headed by General Motazed which operated like CIA. For the purpose of International intelligence gathering and reporting on Iranian political organization operating outside of Iran

The most important sub section under the National Secret Police unit and under the total control General Fardoost was completely intact. This division’s code name was “Ekbatan”.

During the revolution Ekbatan section under the direct command of General Fardoost, only responsible to report to him, had provided the crucial tasks of implementing the national strikes in the work force; Government organizations, Bazzar and the Private sector’s infrastructure.

This section under General Fardoost’s direct control comprised of infiltration unit, identification, and political ideology; Planning and implementation units.

Easily, they were able to mass duplicate the exiled Ayatollah Khomeini’s speeches and audio tapes, distributing it through their own agents inside the government organizations and companies.

Plan and orchestrate strikes, demonstrations and recruitments.

Later on when General Motazed was forced to resign and accept the post of Iranian Ambassador to Syria during the Shah regime, a large chunk of his international section fell into hands of General Fardoost as well.

After the revolution General Fardoost was in charge of creating the New Islamic Secret Police called Savama with the help of “Ekbatan” section and the “Simorgh”; part of General Motazed’d intact international section.

Ekbatan and Simorgh divisions under the watchful eyes of Revolutionary council created the Islamic Secret Police called Savama.

The new recruits were selected from the veterans of Iran-Iraq war. Hand picked through the ranks of Sepah Pasdaran and Baseiji groups. They have been selected among the most fevering religious zealots who are unquestionably loyal to the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Khomeini and the Guardian council.

These new recruits under the expert training received from Ekbatan and Simorgh operating staff have become a very impressive operating team. Their precision assassinations and the style of tortures soon made them famous. They surpassed the reputation Savak had made before and created fear into hearts of all Iranians.

As the old guard of Ekbatan and Simorgh retiring, new people replaced them and advanced to many important and influential positions. The current President of Iran Mr. Ahmadi Nejad is a very good example of these recruits.

Operation Divine Intervention was established during the 1980’s for the purpose of assessing, planning and the possibility of US invasion of Iran; Engagements with the US Armed Forces and delivering devastating blows in case of conflict. In co-ordination with the armed forces, Sepah Pasdaran and Baseiji, this operation is under the direct control of the Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei and his staff.

Currently there are 3000 experienced top senior level filed operatives engaged in Operation Divine Intervention.

Depending in their region of service, some of these agents are already in place of their duty and some are in Tehran on call, awaiting orders to become operational at a very short notice.

They are all experienced professionals. Have worked in regions they are assigned to before and do speak the local languages. They are at the levels of “Directors” in each geographical area of their field service.

All have proven track records and have been in combat and undercover operations ranging from wars, Para-military/partisan activity, reconnaissance, prisoners debriefing, information extraction, kidnapping, assassination, infiltration, explosives and recruitment.

They can blend into any environment posing as businessman, staff employee, student, media person and others.

Some of these operatives despite their strict religious habits have received “Fatwa” which is direct orders from the Supreme leader to be able to drink Alcoholic beverages and engage in activities prohibited by Islam in order to infiltrate the groups they are targeting.

The Operation Divine intervention is now activated in full force by the order of the Supreme leader and close supervision of the New President and all his cabinet members who were/are in the Savama (later changed its name to ministry of intelligence and security (MOIS), and related fields.

What is their next step?
In coming weeks you will see them in action in phase one of their operation. Iran will heat up the engagements of insurgents and US coalition teams in Iraq. The operatives from this operation are already on their way to Iraq. They will take over planning, directing and implementation of the tasks from the local Militia Such as Muqtada al-Sadr, Mahdi Army in Naiaf and Kabala, against the British forces, US forces and the rest of the coalition.

Another visible sign will be the introduction of new insurgent groups as they will start claiming victories on attacks made to coalition forces.

A major visible sign you will note is the direct attacks against the Japanese peace keeping force in Iraq. Until now, this group has been unharmed as they do not engage enemy like other coalition forces and are in Medical delivery and other humanitarian activities.

The Japan constitution prohibits any act of war against enemy. The Japanese peace keeping army can only fight if attacked and in defending themselves. Although as of now, the rules of engagement has changed since Japan has voted in favor of dragging Iran to the Security Council. You will see some clashes between insurgents and Japanese peace keeping forces.

During the upcoming two months until Iran is taken to Security Council, you will see gradual escalation of violence in Iraq and other places; although, none of these attacks will be claimed by Iran.

The major clashes will be in Iraq. However, you will see terrorists’ activity in France and Germany as well. Not something serious but enough to rattle the cages in these two countries. Trying to scare people into submission and forcing their governments to withdraw their demands.

These operatives will plan and deliver devastating blows to the British forces as Britain was the one that wrote the Security Council resolution draft. The British Army is in their backyard and through more than dozens of insurgent groups under their payroll; they will make it very uncomfortable for these forces in Najaf, Kabala, sea shores, beaches and ports Which British Army controls.

The engagement with the US will be in the next two months limited to Iraq and some minor staged clashes in Afghanistan. The engagement will be under their controlled insurgents and not a direct confrontation.

In all of their activities during these two months the goal is scare tactic. Scare the EU 3, US and other countries who have voted in favor of this resolution to back off from their original demand.

They have seen good results in Spain as the government caved in. There was a new prime minister after the bombing. The new Spanish government recalled its troops from Iraq. These operatives will try to create same situations in order to frighten the governments into submission.

During this period the rest of the operatives remain in Iran will be dispatched to their pre-designated areas and will start to take over and work closely with the local groups they have set up previously as sleeper cells or others.

The Phase one will end after the two months period. Depending on its derived success, the Phase Two of the operation will commence.

The civilized nations of world are against ruthless, fanatic and disciplined force which is determined to make the A- Bomb as it knows making this bomb will be insurance for their survival, recognition, respect and longevity of their tyrannical regime.

As it is said, the best defense against such a fanatical group is an effective offense. United Nations must send troops to Iraq; helping the US and the coalition to face these operatives and their paid insurgents head on. There can be no yielding under the pressure from these criminals.

The Supreme Leader and his gang are preparing for the total all out war in the last phase of this operation. In their sick minds they think they can win the war. If they have to sacrifice the entire Iranian population in order to achieve their goal, they are prepared to do it.

The plans are made. The timetables are set. They know exactly what they intend to do and are willing to go to any extreme in order to achieve it.

The rest is up to us in the free world to stop this megalomaniac so called supreme leader and his murderous cronies dead on their tracks.

What they want is not the wish of the Iranian people. The Iranian people are fed up with this bunch more than the world is. But, they can’t do anything until they get moral support from the free world.

The majorities of Iranians are against these people and will answer to the call of uprising against the regime. Providing this call is true and sincere.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


Sounds far fetched, or really is it? Everyone talks about Iran’s nuclear violation and the fact that they maybe able to make Atomic Bombs and become a menace to the world security.

The truth of the matter is Iran has been a menace to the security of civilized nations since its inception 26 years ago. Although, most nations turned a blind eye to the violation and atrocities this terrorist nurturing regime has done during these years. Hoping just like a bad dream, they would go away someday.

Well, it did not. Most nations instead of joining United States in banning trade and relations with Islamic Republic, encouraged trade in order to make their quota, turn handsome profits and expand relations so they can sell even more goods.

During these years the cries of fowl play was being herd loud and clear from Iranian people and the opposition groups hastily made inside Iran and outside to combat them.

When the regime started to silence its opposition inside Iran by systematic arrests, unjust trials and executions, the world stood indifferent.

When the regime started to kill its opponents outside of Iran with a precision and accuracy only would make one to wonder if they had the host nations assisting them, everyone was only a passive bystander.

Hundreds of thousands inside Iran and thousands outside Iran executed or assassinated as the result of this indifference the world has taken against Iranians.

Iran’s best and brightest administrators, leaders, planners and political activists inside and in self imposed exile perished just because no one cared.

Everyone felt this is an internal matter and as soon as Islamic Republic clergy gets rid of their undesirables, “The Good Old Days” will roll over again and the business would be as usual.

As the result of these mass execution and assassination of Iran’s opposition, a vacuum was created. To this date, this vacuum has not been able to fill. In reality the opposition to the regime, due to the lack of support from most countries has become only a shell.

Most individuals /organizations that are in the arena and claim they are fighting, have no formal education, political background, support, trust of people or proper financial support to amount to anything.

The one’s that can make a difference and are educated administrators and politicians, inside Iran and abroad are watching events unfold in silence from the sidelines.

These people know and understand, without proper support and funding from the world nations their actions will be in vein.

Nevertheless, bravely they stage their dissatisfaction with the regime whenever and wherever it is permitted. Empty handed, as brave as they are, their actions counts very little in interrupting the clergy to do as they please.

The nation’s lack of good judgment is apparent now. By encouraging the trade and turning blind eye to the crimes of Islamic Republic Clergy, have created a monster.

There is no viable opposition inside or outside of Iran to stand up to Islamic Republic. Now, since they feel no threat from the opposition; they have turned the heat one notch up. By performing what they are at best.

The regime is creating havoc and lawlessness by promoting terror in the world in order to reach its goals.

Being careful, never to be implicated in any major terrorist acts. They use surrogate foreign terrorists well trained and financed.

It is a established fact that terrorists training camps are in many parts of Iran. Training Hezbollah, and other extremists, terrorist fractions is no secret. You can ask any child in Iran and they will show you at least one camp for you to see personally.

The fact is. All these trained and funded terrorists have to go somewhere in order to perform their dirty works is well established. More or less the world’s intelligence community knows where they end up and currently what they are doing.

The fact that. Iranian regime does not recognize the international laws and abide by them is also has been established. The Hostage taking of US Embassy, later giving all those so called student terrorists high governmental posts, not recognizing Human Rights issues, execution of minors, raping women prior to their execution, public stoning of women, public executions, branding anyone they wish as “Combatant Against God” therefore, giving their courts the free hand to issue death sentence, cutting limbs and parts of body of so called criminals in public. torture, systematic beatings and harassment of it’s citizens, tampering with elections the list goes on and on. All of them are established and the Iranian regime is guilty on all accounts by countless witnesses and proofs.

Iranian regime objectives are well known to all. Their wish to dominate the Islamic nations and play God Father to Moslems is a fact that leaders of Iranian regime openly talk about it.
They promote violence in their sermons and teach hatred against anyone who is not one of them and does not follow their path. Friend or foe does not matter. Moslem or non Moslem does not matter. In their eyes you are “Combatant against the God” and killing you is promoted and encouraged.

The world body is aware of all these. The only obvious place to export their brand of Islam in country where the majority is Shiites, thus, sympathetic towards their teachings is Iraq.

It does not take nuclear scientists to see all their efforts are being directed toward Iraq. They want someone like Mullah Muqtada al-Sadr ruling it as their little pet.

We see death and destruction everyday in our TV’S. The most fascinating issue is still, the world body is standing and turning blind eye to the entire issues. They still do not realize by ignoring the problems in Iraq, someday these problems will start knocking at their door.

France has to realize if Iran succeeds in their mission, they will be next. With the largest Moslem population in their country, surely the hardliners radical brand of Islam will find some takers; just as they did in England. Although by all accounts, the British Moslems are among the worlds most well educated Moslems and mostly assimilated into British way of life and respect their new country.

The Iraq’s problem is not only American problem it is the world problem. It is the problem that the key for salvation of it is found in freedom of Iran from the grips of hard line fundamentalist clergy.

It is high time that finally Europe is beginning to realize the Iran’s threat to the world security and is trying to stop Iran from making the Atomic Bomb. However, you can not only take a small piece of the problem and leave the rest unassisted, unresolved for others to deal with. This is not only their problem. In time, it will become your problem as well. As you are noticing the Iran’s nuclear issue has become this factor.

There are certain issues that love of money must give back seat to priorities of preserving security, peace, freedom and democracy as the way of life for all.

Iraq will become safe and a model for democracy if Iran is stopped from sending money, arms, explosives and paid terrorists to create anarchy and lawlessness.

Mullah Sadr and his Mahdi army will cease to function and exist, if the money from Iran dries out. In a poor country like Iraq, there are no jobs. Sadr and his thugs are the major employers by the funds they receive from their Iranian bosses. The same is true for Abu Musab Zarqawi and his supporters.

The insurgents can not make cars loaded with bombs and pay people to commit suicide in them if Iranian funds stops getting to them. (It is estimated an average of $15 to $17,000 USD for making a car equipped with explosives and $10,000 payment to the suicide driver’s family).

Terrorism has become a thriving business in Iraq. Everything has a value. You have to pay for the cost of everything. Terrorists get paid $200 per Iraqi Police officers they kill. Much more for killing US Soldiers! Who is responsible for this? Where the money is coming from?

Let’s face it. If you are full time terrorists without pay, your family will starve to death. Bear in mind in Moslem countries only husband works. Wife stays behind tending house and raising children.

By all accounts the insurgents are growing and thriving! This only shows that windfall profits from the oil prices have been good for them! Iran with $200 Million Dollars in extra income can pay a lot more to increase the force of insurgents in Iraq and arm them better with more sophisticated explosives.

On the other hand, people of Iran are fed up with these hard-line fanatics ruling them. They will stand up and fight against a regime, if the see a glitter of hope and know they will be backed by the world community.

Corruption, addiction, mismanagement is rampant in Iranian society. According to their own account over 45% of the population is living well below international poverty guidelines.

There are over 2,000,000 addicts in Iran; making it number one in the world. A price of “Heroin Fix” is cheaper than a pack of cigarettes!

Corruption is rampant. You can not get anything done unless you pay “The famous tea money”. The government employees must take bribes in order to compensate for their low salaries. The Revolutionary Guards and Sepah Baseiji are involved in illegal counter-band imports of all sorts to the country. By having their own airports and seaports, they smuggle, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, pirated movies and records, X rated movies, Blue jeans and electronic merchandize to name the few.

Lately, the government has legalized the importation of Luxury cars into the country. You see many of these people or the children’s of clergy (Called Aghazadeh “Son of a Sir”), have made fortunes in illegal activity now drive brand new Mercedes Benz and BMV’S. Ranging in price between $130,000 to $300,000!

People of Iran see all these. They see when they are sick unless they have $2,000 in cash upfront, they will not even get to the door of a Hospital. Yet, the best of Medical services are available to the terrorists wounded in Iraq and Palestine flown in to Iran and being treated for free!

The Iranian people are tiered to yell to the world they want freedom. Only to get empty talks, cold shoulders and no real support. Their screams to be silenced with bullets or hangman’s noose dangling from a crane in public; having every bone in their body crushed and getting raped in prisons.

The clergies have done a number on average Iranians. The able bodied Iranians must work two shifts in order to keep up with high prices and deal with rampant inflation. The rest are either unemployed or addicts!

There is no hope for them. They realize it. They know, their regime is not for them. The regime can careless if they live or die. The public is like the personal herd of cattle for the regime. Do as they please with them “Remember the human waves in Iran, Iraq war?”

Iranians will stand up and topple the regime if they see support from the world community. They will fight, if the world encourages and supports the creation of grass root opposition and assist in making leaders inside and outside.

We must remind you, never think of MEK, its leadership and members as true opposition. They are in the same, if not worse than the present regime ruling Iran. The majority of Iranians hate them with a passion.

President Carter seized $10 Billion Dollars in Iranian assets in 1980’s with a Presidential act. A Little bit of our money will go a long way in toppling this terrorist nurturing regime! Let Iranian’s solve the Iranian problem.

We do not wish nor want handouts. We do not want to be a burden to your tax payers for funding us to fight the regime. Give a little bit of our money which belongs to us in order to topple the regime.

All we ask from you is the moral support.

Please remember; the key to salvation of Iraq is in freedom of Iran. The freedom loving countries of the world must unite and assist Iranian people to finish this embarrassment called Islamic Republic and allow Iran to come back to the arms of the civilized nations.

In helping us, you have stopped the violence in Iraq and have made Iran reach democracy with minimum blushed and have preserved the peace and freedom worldwide.

God Bless all of peace and freedom loving people.

Australia, Canada and other nations must be accountable for who they let in

There is a new President in Iran! It was not the one that many government organizations hoped or anticipated to become a President. Rather, a hardliner from an intelligence division with murky background has taken the helm of the Islamic Iranian government.

As the result, the business in Iran has stopped totally. The Iranian Stock Market is well below -50% loss and all high to mid management government employees are running away into Dubai, UAE with Millions stashed in their bank accounts, applying residency mainly for Canada or Australia. According to the Central Bank of Iran, there is 330 Billion Dollars asset of Iranian nationals in UAE banks!

Much of these assets comprise of the assets of present and the former high level and mid management ranking Islamic government employees.

These are all the people who have been the source of major corruptions, murder, jailing, stealing and robbing Iranians with lengthy files, afraid to be caught and put to jail by the new president and his newly appointed cabinet who are also from the Iranian Intelligence community and hungry for more money.

These are the government employees under Rafsanjani and Khatami presidency, murdered, stole and confiscated people's land, factories, businesses and buildings, plotted and sold these properties and assets through their agents or in collusion with others in market for Billions of Dollars.

For example. Saba M. Is in Dubai and has filed documents to go to Canada as an immigrant. He is 33 years old. Former employee of Oppressed Foundation of Islamic Republic of Iran. He has $15,000,000. In a Major Dubai bank. His salary was less than $200 Per month.

He sold a confiscated property from his organization to a friend who was in Municipality of Teheran for $200,000 in Promissory Notes and pledges to build low income housing for the poor. His friend who is a high official in the City subdivided the land and together they re-sold that confiscated, now divided property for 62 Million US Dollars (Payoff's to the higher-ups in the Oppressed Foundation and Municipality paid by Saba & friend). Where developers have built few super luxury high rises for the affluent. The starting price for each unit is around $500,000 and up!

Meanwhile Saba M. Waits for his application process to go to Canada, he has rented the Presidential Suite of a Major 5 star Hotel chain and is living there with his wife and family driving a brand new 500 SL Mercedes Benz.

There are thousands of cases such as above involving residential land, industrial lands, commercial lands factories, businesses and shops across Iran.

Now, these blood suckers see the tide is turned, have no protection as the Mafia Boss has changed, it is no longer advisable to stay in their beloved Islamic Government and have gathered their belongings, illegally gathered fortunes, looking for a safe haven.

Canada for a mere $120,000 let's these thieves and their families enter into their land with their booty stolen from Iranian people as new Canadian citizens. Australia is in the same boat. They are allowing anyone as long as they can pay the fees requested.

The Iranian People give notice to the governments of Canada, Australia or any other nation who will give safe conduct to these murdering hoodlums.

The money these people are bringing into your country is "Blood Money". It is stolen from the people of Iran, orphans and old people; confiscated properties from innocent families and people. This money represents the life savings of innocent families taken from them by these people while in power.

These people represent the very fabric that every civilized nation should fight for and stay away from. They represent, corruption, murder and seizure of innocent peoples property.

They have no remorse for what they have done. They come proudly flashing their millions under the nose of these countries and want safe haven. Their request is always granted!

Their wives and daughters are still under Islamic robes coming to the new countries. They have not changed. Still defending the Islamic Republic and waiting for a better time to go back practice their corrupted ways in the new land. They have no loyalty to anyone or anything.

A word of advise to Canada, Australia and other countries letting these people in. Check their background. If they were employed by the Iranian regime,if they are Islamic fanatics, do not let them in.

They are all criminals and must answer for their actions to the Iranian people. Do not be surprised if the new regime will not work with you and shall ask extradition of your new citizens to face charges of their past crimes in Iran.

Your countries will be held accountable for giving safe haven to these murdering thieves who have robbed our country blind.

Please reconsider your immigration laws in regard to allowing criminals entering your countries.

Surely you do not think Rafsanjani's son or Daughter coming to your lands with Billions have made these fortunes legally! If you let them in. You are doing the money laundering for these criminals. You have encouraged terror, corruption and murder.

It does Not Payoff To Side With The Tyrants!