Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Answering Saloomeh Rahimi PART 2

How are 50 good reasons for you written in your answer ?

1. Execution, flogging, stoning and amputation of limbs in public2. Mass killings of political prisoners3. Assassination of political dissidents outside of Iran4. Political serial killings in Iran5. Construction of many new prisons holding thousands of political prisoners6. Political oppression7. Promotion of international and domestic terrorism8. Violation of human rights in every category9. Lack of civil liberties10. Improvement and growth of Iran’s Cemeteries11. Killing and imprisonment of journalists12. Violation of women’s rights13. Censorship and closure of publications14. Forcing Iranian’s to flee the country resorting in five million refugees throughout the world and “brain drain”.15. Oppression of religious minorities16. Filtering the internet17. Jamming out of country satellite TV and radio stations18. Stealing Iran’s wealth by the Mullahs and transfer of funds to abroad.19. Destruction of Iran’s Economy20. Widespread poverty throughout Iran21. Severe Inflation22. Devaluation of Iranian Rial23. Increase in unemployment24. Increase in the crime rate25. Promotion of corruption, prostitution and addiction26. Housing crisis in Iran27. Malnutrition, retarded growth and increased rate of depression among Iranian youth28. Public health crisis in Iran29. Making Iran an international “embarrassment”30. 1979 Occupation of the US Embassy in Tehran and holding hostages for 444 days.31. Conflict with neighboring countries32. Iran-Iraq War resulting in millions dead, wounded, handicapped and homeless33. Supporting Sadam Hussein in the US Iraq War34. Destruction of Iran’s Airline Industry35. Causing economic sanctions against Iran36. Producing weapon’s of mass destruction37. Inability to get Iran’s fair share of natural resources from Caspian Sea38. Promoting regional conflicts in the Middle East39. Destruction of Iran’s industries40. Lack of technological advancements41. Air and environmental pollution crisis in Iran42. Destruction of Iran’s agriculture43. Destructions of fine arts, theater, cinema and music in Iran44. Promoting Islamic Fundamentalism45. Closure of Iranian Universities under cultural revolution for three years46. Attacking University campuses to kill and crack down on students47. Violating the constitution of the “Islamic Republic”48. Hiring hooligan’s for beating and crack down on Iranian citizens49. Importing and selling contraband by regimes elements for additional income50. Selling Iranian women as sex slaves in the United Arab Emarets

Answering Saloomeh Rahimi PART 1

آقايان كه نام شاهزاده اذيتتان ميكند. شاهزاده رضا پهلوی تنها گزينه لايق امروزماست. آخ اگر اين مهره بنا به هر
دليلي بسوزد. منتظر يك ايران ويران باشيد.
Saloomeh Rahimi
in nazare shakhsiye shomast aghaye doctor...mardom vase kase khasi harekat nakardan...jonbeshiha hame jomhooriye vagheyi mikhan,na shah na shahzade na akhoond na akhoond zade...hokoomate motlaghe omresh too iran be sar jonbesh va mardomesh ke aksariyate shahrvadane iraniro dar bar dare motaghed be jomhooriye onam na eslami va na shahanshahi...
chera fekr mikonid iran viran mishe bi hozoore ishoon?lotfan ba madrake mohkam toozih befarmayid
in aksariyate ghate mardoman ke layegho tashkhis khahand nazare shakhsiye shomast
Saloomeh Khanoom,
I’m not pushing my opinion down anyone’s throat, In USA I absolutely support a republic system because people are civilized and have the political maturity.
Currently, 44 nations in the world have monarchs as heads of state, 16 of which are Commonwealth realms that recognize Queen Elizabeth II as their head of state.
Iranians are neither civilized enough nor have the political maturity for a true republic.
Please; before you decide to argue watch the recent videos of Iran such as killing of Neda, when it comes to politics we the Iranians become barbarians!
Can you tell me of the following countries such as the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Luxembourg, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Sweden, Norway, Vatican. Japan, Australia. Canada, Thailand, Bhutan, Antigua, Barbuda, Andorra, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize , Bhutan, Cambodia, Grenada , Jamaica, Jordan, Kuwait, Lesotho, Malaysia , New Zealand , Papua New Guinea, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Solomon Islands, Swaziland, Tonga, Tuvalu?
In order to avoid argument I did not mention any of the Arab monarchies including the UAE who some are indeed democratic, but I excluded them from a democratic list due to suppression of women’s rights!
In modern usage, a republican form of government is applied loosely to any state which claims this designation So for example the Dominican Republic under Rafael Trujillo is considered a republic, as is the Republic of Iraq under Saddam Hussein and the The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics under Joseph Stalin and his successors, Democratic People's Republic of North Korea. Do you still want me to keep counting?
All republics in Mideast are dictatorships and almost all behave in a monarchy model; son replacing father, for example Azerbaijan, Syria, Sadam Hossein’s Iraq,Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, Mojtaba’s planning to replace Ali Khamenei , Muammar Gaddafi's son Seif al-Islam who will be replacing his father after his death, ETC
Look at what happened to all countries in the region who have overthrown their king; Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Former Soviet Union etc. They all ended in worst dictatorships, war, poverty & misery!
The annual time spent on reading (not school homework) in Iran is 3 minutes! That is atrocious, you may have college degree, but you are completely illiterate in history & social sciences, because IRI considers ignorance ass a blessing)! 75% it is your laziness & fault that you have not learned about your country’s past history & 25% the IRI school system that has brained washed you & instead our glorious past they teach you 2500 of SETAMSHAHI !
Next who has appointed you as a spokesperson for all Iranians? You do not like him (RP) that is just fine & dandy, but are a queen, prime minister, president, a cabinet member, a member of parliament that you are making a decision for all Iranians including me rejecting my candidate for leadership?
And let me ask you who do you have in mind? Mosavi & kahroubi who have
their hands in blood & god known how much they have stolen from our country? You want a republic? Why do not you elect him as ac president?
You do not have a leader; do you?
I saw your profile, at the time of the revolution you were less than 2 years where I was 20 & a college student, you are a high school graduate & my education is post doctoral (God forbid I am not putting you down), what makes you think you know what is better for the country? Have you ever read my web log?
Why can’t we have a parliamentary democratic monarchy like the western European Countries or a true democratic republic in Iran? To be truthful with you, I don’t think you know what democracy is! The younger generation has been brain washed by IRI & the older ones who participated in the Islamic Revolution were either idiots, fanatics or traitors working on behave of the soviets or western imperialists! Look at what you have done to yourselves in Iran by revolting and how your actions affected us outside of Iran. Millions of lives wasted in exile! We know how miserable you are, but do you know what you have done to our lives? Imagine if all of us in exile could return home what a supersonic leap the country could take in progress; using our wealth, education, western experiences, intelligence, knowhow, and etc? People in my age group & younger are all burned generations, you; the younger ones want to be like us or have a brighter future? You need to work with us in exile, we may be abroad, but our roots are there! We will never submit to a non-secular regime. IRI is incapable of reform am; first we need a referendum for the future type of government only after and must be overthrown in its entirety! I am obviously a Democratic Royalist & think that is the best system of government for our heritage & culture; but if one would suggest that for USA, I would probably die from laughing!
chera fekr mikonid iran viran mishe bi hozoore ishoon?lotfan ba madrake mohkam toozih befarmayid
First of all the Iranian passport in terms of credibility & respect holds the
Rank in the world only above Afghanistan which is absolutely the worst!